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Quick Facts
2.When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent

When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent

Travel to Plaguewood, northwest of Light's Hope. Destroy 8 Scourge Structures by using Smokey's Special Compound at the Mark of Detonation planted inside each building. Smokey has had the Ziggurats and Slaughterhouses marked.

Once you plant the bomb, leave the building and marvel at your handiwork.

By the way, Smokey's Special Compound is rather... unstable.
Scourge Structures Destroyed (8)
Provided Item:
Smokey's Special Compound


While you were gathering the supplies, I had some of my people handle marking the Scourge buildings we need demolished.

Here's the plan: I'm going to give you ten sticks of my special compound. You're going to take them over to Plaguewood and plant them inside the Scourge structures that I've had marked for detonation.

<Smokey snaps his fingers.>

Bing! It's just that easy.


You can choose one of these awards:
Smokey's Explosive Launcher Smokey's Fireshooter
You will receive:
Moist ToweletteSmokey's Drape
Also, you get: 2 65


I got supplies left over to make a few more sticks of the special compound. Just let ol' Smokey know if you need more.


You're much darker than I remember. You got that look going for you; the look that says, 'I've been charred by a high explosive bomb.'

<Smokey laughs.>

Anyhow! Here's your cut of the loot. I've thrown in a little something extra to help soothe the burns.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 620 experience (37 20 at max. level)



Рейтинг серверов World Of Warcraft